Hi, my name is Talida I’m a dental hygienist living in beautiful Townsville, a small city on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Like many other bloggers, the inspiration for this blog comes from a personal struggle with illness early on in my life. I owe a lot to food, so I have created a blog hoping that it can help other people in the way that it helped me.

I follow a mostly plant based diet. A huge part of my illness had to do with severe nutritional deficiencies. I adopted a plant-based lifestyle because  whole food vegetarian and vegan diets consistently rate highest on the nutritional index.

I have a background in Biomedical Science and have a bit of a knack for researching. When I was sick the internet was a great support for me.  I am very passionate about health and helping people feel healthy again. I like to use the health section on my blog to talk about some of the health topics that are important to me and hope that they can provide people with the information they need to regain control of their health.

The inspiration for the name of my blog comes from my most favourite food combination; chocolate and hazelnuts. I am quite obsessed with chocolate and healthy, good-for-you desserts. Although this is not a desserts blog, you can trust to find many raw vegan desserts and other healthy sugar free treats on my blog.

I really hope you enjoy visiting my blog and I hope that in a small way my blog can help inspire you to try the delicious plant based lifestyle and experience the health benefits for yourselves.

Talida Voinea Hazel & Cacao